100 Amazing and Unbelievable Facts of the Universe Part-5

Hi there! How are you doing? I am back again with another set of amazing and unbelievable facts of the universe.

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I hope you must have read those articles before going any deep in this one.

Anyway! As we all know we are surrounded by lots of mysterious laws and unbelievable facts in the Universe. Who we are?

We are a person out 7 billion people on a planet.

A planet out of 8 other planets in a solar system.

A solar system out of around 100 billion solar system in a Galaxy.

A galaxy out of 300 billion other galaxies in the Universe.

So, here my point of saying is we are a very tiny particle of a system. Still, we have lots of amazing and unbelievable facts around us. What would happen if we scale it up to the entire Universe?

It would take generations to find a few facts. The entire human race is insufficient in time to find out all the amazing and unbelievable facts of the universe.

Here we have taken 100 of those amazing and unbelievable facts of the universe out of the infinite.

So, let’s start without wasting any time

All the Galaxies, Planets and Stars Only Make Up 4 Percent of the Universe

On the above blocks, I asked who are we? and then I gave a short evaluation of ours. But there is very amazing fact should be known by every living being on earth.

What is the percentage of Land Area on Earth? Everyone knows it. It is 29% and 71% is water.

Now tell me, what is the percentage of our earth in the solar system? Well, I don’t know this. But I know, the sun alone acquires a 99.86% of the total mass of the universe.

Then there is giant planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune must be acquiring at least 0.1% of the remaining 0.14%.

So we can say our earth has very low portion in the solar. It is amazing. isn’t it?

Now, let’s think about the entire universe. Do you Know, what is the percentage all the physical and visible celestial objects?

As subheader is reflecting it is around 4%. Yes, it is 4%. All the planets, stars, comets, meteorites, asteroids and other physical and visible objects only acounts 4% in the entire Universe.

96% of the items are made of such materials that we can’t observe or see. Simply can’t sense those objects by any of our sense.

Some scientists call it dark energy or dark matter. Unfortunately, there is no way of really deciphering what this dark energy or matter is.

We can work mathematical formulas and estimate the gravitational pull of these entities.

There is no sure way of proving what the invisible part of our universe is made up of. The majority of the universe may remain a mystery forever.

Star Formation Rate

How Stars are Formed

Here is the another amazing and unbelievable facts of the universe.

Do you know, what is the human birth rate on earth? huh, it’s 4.3 births per second. It means, we are populating the world by a rate of 4.3 human per second.

Do you know what is the rate of formation of stars in the universe? Well, it is 3 solar masses per year. FYI, one solar mass equals the mass of our sun.

there is enough material to construct about three suns every year. What does that mean? Well, astronomers use this logic to apply it to galaxies as well.

So if we have enough for three stars per year and we multiply that by the estimated number of galaxies in existence, which is 200 billion.

This calculation makes 600 billion stars formed in a year.

Then this makes 1.6 billion stars a day. this is not the end mystery is up.

Then this 1.6 billion stars a day makes 19026 stars a second. That’s huge. Isn’t it?

So, the universe is populating 4,425 times faster than we are populating on earth.

This fact is really an amazing and unbelievable fact out of all facts of the universe. What do you think? Am I right?

A huge chunk of it is made up of things we can’t see

As we have discussed on the first fact of this article we know, 96% of the universe is made of such materials that we can’t even observe.

Different wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum such as those of radio waves, infrared, x-rays, and visible light have allowed us to peer into the cosmos and ‘see’ huge portions of it.

Unfortunately, an even larger portion cannot be seen by any of these frequencies.

And yet, certain phenomena such as gravitational lensing, temperature distributions, orbital velocities and rotational speeds of galaxies, and all others that are evidence of a missing mass their probable existence.

Specifically, these observations show that dark matter exists.

Another invisible entity known as dark energy is believed to be the reason why galaxies are speeding away at an accelerated rate.

There is no such thing as the Universe’s center

When I was a child, I always thought that I, only I am the center of attraction everywhere. Everyone is watching nothing but me.

Similarly, ancient people from earth used to believe that earth is a center point an the sun is orbiting it.

By the time passed this theory changed and people started believing in the sun as the center.

But the fact is here-

The earth is not the center of the Universe. It’s not even the center of the galaxy.

And no again, our galaxy is not the entire universe, neither is it the center.

Don’t hold your breath but the Universe has no center. Every galaxy is expanding away from one another.

So, saying anything the center of the universe is totally wrong. We only can take reference of one object to the other.

Large Scale Structures of the Universe

We live on the earth which a planet in a star system. This Star system is located in the Milky way galaxy. And so on, Milky Way is located in its local group or cluster which in the Virgo supercluster.

There are many other structures in the universe. Today, we are going to tell you about these large scale structures.

Considering only the largest structures, the Universe is made up of filaments, voids, superclusters, and galaxy groups and clusters.

By combining galaxy groups and clusters, we come up with superclusters. Some superclusters in turn form part of walls, which are also parts of filaments.

The vast empty spaces are known as voids. That the Universe is clumped together in certain parts and empty in others.

It is consistent with measurements of the CMBR that show slight variations in temperature during its earliest stages of development.

The Earth is not flat – but the Universe is

Hah! A very question of my schooling time was, how can you prove that the earth is Flat?

We learned a lot of justifying reasons for the above statements. Earth may not be flat. But do you know, the universe is?

Today, I made it one of our amazing and unbelievable facts of the universe.

Based on Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, there are three possible shapes that the Universe may take: open, closed, and flat.

Once again, measurements by WMAP on the CMBR have revealed a monumental confirmation – the Universe is flat.

Combining this geometry and the idea of an invisible entity known as dark energy coincides with the widely accepted ultimate fate of our universe, is a Big Freeze.

The Universe spans a diameter of over 150 billion light-years

What is the diameter of the Earth? Do you know? It is 12,742 kilometers.

What is the diameter of the largest Planet Jupiter? It is 139,820 kilometers.

Now, one more thing what is the diameter of our Sun? It is 1.3927 million kilometers.

Now tell me one more thing, what is the overall span of our galaxy, the Milky Way? You will be stunned reading this.

Our galaxy is 150 billion light-years wide. Yeah! you heard it right. It is 150 billion light-years wide. It is so wide, even light takes 150 billion years to go from one end to the other across it.

Although it may seem peculiarly inconsistent with the age of the Universe. This value is easily understood once you consider the fact that the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate.

It will be cold when it grows old

We all know, a star or any other celestial object is super hot when it got formed. But its temperature gradually decays by the time passed.

All this happens because of the nuclear fuel of the star. By the time passed its fuel getting lesser and lesser. In result, lesser nuclear fusion and lesser heat generation.

Observations made especially on galaxies farthest from us show that the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate.

This, and data that show the Universe is cooling allows us to believe that the most probable ending for our universe is that of a Big Freeze.

That is, it will be devoid of any usable heat (energy). It is due to this prediction that the Big Freeze is also known as the Heat Death.

Accurate measurements made by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) on the current geometry and density of the Universe favor such an ending.

After Big Bang

We all know that there is a very strong theory of the formation of our universe. This theory is known as the Big Bang Theory.

But our had not made just after the explosion. It took a long time to take the form somewhat similar as today. It is still expanding.

Between half a billion and a billion years after the Big Bang the Universe had grown to around one fifth the size it is now.

It began to darken and cool down to just a few degrees above absolute zero. This allowing atoms in the denser areas to bind together.

It eventually collapses under the force of their own gravity. Leading to the formation of the first stars and cores of galaxies.

Over the next 12.5 billion years the Universe filled with billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars and continues to expand.

Dark Energy

It is a very conflicting question, if there was nothing in the beginning, how come that explosion happened?

Well, astronomers and astrophysicists have theory two other things before anything. Those things are dark matter and dark energy.

Before the big bang, there was only darkness and darkness everywhere. There may energy and matter too. But because of the absence of light, only darkness.

There must have been the collision of two dark matters. Due to this collision, a huge amount of Dark energy converted into light, sound and heat energy in the first place.

And then, due to this explosion dark matters also started to get converted into visible matters. In this way, our universe started to expand.

Up until the late 20th century, it was thought that the rate the Universe was expanding must be slowing down due to the attractive forces of gravity.

Then in 1998, due to observations by the Hubble Telescope, it was discovered that the Universe is actually expanding quicker now than it was in the distant past.

This unexpected discovery shook the world of science as they tried to figure out what was causing this accelerated expansion.

The solution was Dark Energy, an unknown property in the Universe that was affecting its expansion, creating space and sending galaxies away from each other.

It is thought that around 73% of the Universe is made up of Dark Energy and is the dominant force, but we don’t actually know what it is.

Even though we know it is there and how it affects the Universe it is still, in essence, a complete mystery


Well, we learned a lot today. I request all of you to read the previous relevant posts so that you can get sync with the process.

Our universe is full of such amazing and unbelievable facts which we should know.

I took that pledge to make you all aware of those amazing and unbelievable facts of the universe.

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