10 Unbelievable Facts of Venus Do You Know All of them?

Venus is the 2nd planet by distance from the sun. Like all the other planets, Venus too has many unbelievable facts. Here I have been selected 10 unbelievable facts of Venus that may blow your mind.

Let us start with our topic without wasting any further time.

#1. Retrograde Spin

Venus is the one of the two planets that spin abnormally on its axis around the sun.

What does this word abnormal means here?

Abnormal could be considered anything that happens very rarely. What is abnormal in Venus’ spin on its axis?

Venus rotates differently compared to the other 6 planets of the solar.

Hmmmm…. there are 8 planets in the solar system. aren’t they? There are 8 planets in the solar system and here I am only talking about Venus and the 6 other. So, what about the 8th Planet?

Well, the 8th planet is Uranus that too rotates similar to that of Venus.

So, Venus and Uranus are the two planets that rotates opposite to that of the other planets. Isn’t it an unbelievable fact of Venus? Yes, it is.

We, here on earth call this type of rotation as Retrograde Spin.

It is believed that Venus was not Retrograded always. It encountered a large asteroid or some other rogue object in the space. Due to that collision, Venus got diverted on its rotation and started spinning oppositely.

#2. Slowest Planet of the Solar System

As in the last point, we discussed the retrograde spin of Venus. This retrograde spin occurred due to the collision with a large celestial object.

Due to this collision, Venus got diverted on its path and started spinning oppositely at a very slow speed. Rather, it is the slowest planet of the solar system.

So, the slowest speed is our fact number 2 among the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus.

Venus orbits the sun on a speed of 35.02 Km/h. This is the slowest for any planet.

#3. Longest Day.

As in the last topic, we studied the speed of Venus, which is slowest among the planets.

Its slowest speed on the orbit make its day longest in the solar system.

Venus takes 243 earth days to complete its rotation on its axis which is longest for any planet.

Its Longest day makes our 3rd unbelievable fact among the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus.

#4. A Day Longer Than A Year

Venus is the only second planet in the solar system which has a day longer than a year. And this fact makes our 4th fact among the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus.

As in the last header, we got to know that Venus completes its rotation on its axis in 243 earth days. If we talk about its revolution period, Venus completes it in 224.7 earth days.

So, a year on Venus is of 224.7 earth days while a day is of 243 earth days which is 18.3 earth days greater.

It is clear that Venus has a day longer than a year. If you remember, I, in the first line of this header told you that Venus is the second planet. Which is the first planet then?

Mercury, It is Mercury which has a day longer than a year along with Venus.

#5. Thickest Atmosphere

Till now, we have been discussing Venus’ speed, rotation, and revolution. Now, it is time to discuss its atmosphere.

Venus has the thickest atmosphere in the entire solar system.

It has been found that Venus’ atmosphere contains 96% of carbon dioxide which is the maximum among all the planets.

Venus has a tremendous atmospheric Pressure. It has an atmospheric pressure of 92 times greater than that of the earth.

Here on the earth, we can find such humongous pressure 900 m underwater in the seas and the oceans.

This was the 5th among the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus.

#6. Perfect Circular Orbit

Venus is the only planet which has a circular orbit. All the other planets in the solar system has elliptical revolutionary path.

Venus’ orbit is not only circular but it makes a perfect circle around the sun with a perihelion to aphelion ratio of 99.8%. Isn’t it unbelievable? Its orbit makes our 6th among 10 unbelievable facts of Venus.

Venus is the only planet in the solar system that has such characteristics.

#7. Hottest Planet

We have discussed Venus’ slower speed, longer day, thicker atmosphere, and circular orbit. All the four characteristics of Venus makes it the hottest planet of the solar system. The mean temperature of Venus is 464 degrees Celcius.

Now, you must be confused, how these characteristics make Venus the hottest planet? Well, let me explain.

Slower Speed

Due to its slower speed, Venus exposes to the sun for a longer period of time. This makes Venus very hot.

Circular Orbit

Circular orbit gives Venus the chance of being exposed to the sun uniformly. Normally, on the other planets, at their aphelion, they get a lesser amount of heat from the sun. On the other hand, at their perihelion, the amount of heat maximizes.

This process never happens with Venus due to its equal aphelion and perihelion. This exposure makes Venus hotter.

Longer Days

Venus has an attribute of having the longest day in the solar system. Longer days mean longer exposure to the sun. This longer exposure to the sun makes Venus even hotter.

Thicker Atmosphere

In the earlier subheadings, we were talked about the exposure of Venus to the sun. Venus has a longer exposure to the sun which makes Venus a very hot planet. But, the real game of being the Hottest Planet of the solar system starts here with its thickest atmosphere.

Venus has a thicker atmosphere than any other planet of the solar system. This thicker atmosphere has 96% carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide has the quality to trap heat.

All the heat that Venus gets from the exposure to the sun gets trapped in Venus’ thickest atmosphere for eternity. This entrapped heat makes Venus the Hottest Planet of the solar system.

As in the very first line of this article, I wrote Venus is the second planet by distance. First planet is Mercury. Although Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, Venus is the hottest, reasons are mentioned above.

If this was not an unbelievable fact then I don’t believe you are going to find any other. So this was the 7th of the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus.

#8. Twin Sister of the Earth

Our 8th fact among the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus is its similarity with the earth.

Venus is very much similar to our earth. Venus and the earth are similar in the sense of their size, mass, closeness to the sun, and their composition.

Due to these similarities, Venus is know as the Twin Sister of the Earth.

Attribute VENUS  EARTH Difference
Diameter (km)12,10412,756-5%
Density (kg/m3)52435514-5%
Gravity (m/s2)8.99.8-10%
Escape Velocity (km/s)10.411.2-8%
Orbital Velocity (km/s)3529.815%
Comparison Between Venus and Earth. Data Taken from https://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/factsheet/

From the table above, you may clearly see the similarities between Venus and Earth. The minus sign in the difference column depicts the lesser value of Venus.

#9. First Planet to Be Plotted

Venus is the first planet of the solar system, whose motions have been recorded and plotted. And this our ninth fact among the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus.

The reason behind it was its popularity as a religious point of view for many cultures. Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky after our moon.

Due to its brightness, it has been always a point of attraction for poets and writers. They call it the morning star and evening star.

Venus’ motions were plotted for the first time around 2 millennium BC (Before Christ).

#10. First Planet Explored After Earth

As we all know, Venus is not only the closest planet to the sun but also to the earth. Due to its closest approach, Venus has been a prime target for early interplanetary exploration.

Venus was the first planet beyond Earth visited by a spacecraft. Mariner 2 was the first spacecraft that visited Venus that is too in 1962.

Then 8 years later another spacecraft projected towards Venus and Landed on its surface successfully. The spacecraft was Venera 7.

As we already discussed, Venus has a thick atmosphere. Due to this thick atmosphere and cloud it was impossible to observe its surface in visible light.

There was no proper map of Venus until the arrival of the Magellan Orbiter in 1991. There have been many other plans to send rovers on Venus for more complex projects and missions but they were hindered due to the Hostile surface condition of Venus.


So, we have been discussed the 10 unbelievable facts of Venus. Venus is the 2nd closest planet to the sun which has the title of the hottest planet of the solar system, although Mercury is the closest one.

It is the second planet in the solar system which has a retrograde spin sharing Uranus. This opposite spin makes Venus the slowest planet in the solar system.

Due to the slower speed, Venus has the longest day in the solar system. Here on Venus, days are so long that they even longer that a year.

Venus is the only planet in the solar system which makes a perfect circle on its orbit around the sun.

There many other facts of Venus, I would request you to add few more in the list. Your suggestion will be appreciated.

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