Mineral alchemy taps into key ingredients for green energy revolution: Salt and potassium

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Sodium, the main constituent in salt, and potassium alteration are associated with some of the world’s most valuable ore deposits. Sodium and potassium are also important constituents of rocks. Feldspars are the most common minerals that make up rocks, and some contain sodium, while others contain potassium. A research team led … Read more

Laser research to boost deep space missions

Associate Francis Bennet will lead one of two new ANU projects to help propel deep space missions. Photo: Lannon Harley/ANU Canberra is one step closer to being Australia’s home to deep space laser communication, thanks to a government funding for researchers at The Australian National University (ANU). Two ANU projects have received funding from The … Read more

Meet the Martian meteorite hunters

Magnified view of the surface of the rock known as “Block Island”, on the surface of Mars. The image was taken by the microscopic imager onboard NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity during the 1,963rd Martian day, or sol, of the rover’s mission on Mars (1 August, 2009). The triangular pattern of small ridges seen at … Read more

The next big thing in li-ion battery technology

“Wrapping” anodes in 3d carbon nanosheets. Credit: Korea Maritime and Ocean University Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), which are a renewable source of energy for electrical devices or electric vehicles, have attracted much attention as the next-generation energy solution. However, the anodes of LIBs in use today have multiple inadequacies, ranging from low ionic electronic conductivity and … Read more

InSight mission: Mars unveiled

Artist’s impression of the internal structure of Mars. Credit: © IPGP / David Ducros Using information obtained from around a dozen earthquakes detected on Mars by the Very Broad Band SEIS seismometer, developed in France, the international team of NASA’s InSight mission has unveiled the internal structure of Mars. The three papers published on July … Read more

Global approach is needed on battery regulation

A technician removes an EV battery pack manually from the ReLIB Project’s Nissan Leaf for Recycling. The ReLIB project is looking at ways to automate this process to improve the speed and efficiency of EV battery recycling. Credit: ReLIB project/University of Birmingham New European Union regulations on batteries could offer a huge boost to the … Read more

Scientists determine Mars crustal thickness

The two largest quakes detected by NASA’s InSight appear to have originated in a region of Mars called Cerberus Fossae. Scientists previously spotted signs of tectonic activity here, including landslides. This image was taken by the HiRISE camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona Based on the analysis of marsquakes recorded by … Read more

Visualizing a city’s energy use

Simulated annual energy use intensity (EUI) of the commercial buildings in the urban building energy model (UBEM) for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Credit: Bilec Built Environment and Sustainable Engineering Group The building sector in the U.S. accounts for 39 percent of energy use, with commercial buildings responsible for about half of that. As cities grapple with climate … Read more

Fully renewable energy feasible for Samoa

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The future of Samoa’s electricity system could go green, a University of Otago study has shown. Pacific Island nations are particularly susceptible to climate change and face high costs and energy security issues from imported fossil fuels. For these reasons many Pacific Island nations have developed ambitious 100 per cent renewable … Read more

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