A colorful look at fast-flying particles

Andrecia Ramnath defends her dissertation at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Credot: University of Jyväaskyla The strong nuclear force is one of the four fundamental forces of nature, along with the electromagnetic, gravitational and weak nuclear forces. The branch of particle physics that deals with the strong nuclear force is called quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The … Read more

New research into the spreading of infections reveals need for greater collaboration between biology and physics

Model of a social network. There are 150 individuals (the dots), whose social connections are marked by the lines between them. There are three categories: 1. Close contacts, e.g. household (yellow lines), 2. Regular contacts, e.g. work and adult friends (red lines) and 3. School contacts for children and children’s friends (orange lines). The color … Read more

New possibilities for detecting Hawking radiation emitted by primordial black holes

New PBH constraint based on COMPTEL data (dark blue), projections of the discovery reach of future MeV gamma ray telescopes (other colored curves) and existing constraints (shaded grey regions). Credit: Coogan et al. While many physicists have predicted the existence of dark matter, a type of matter that does not absorb, reflect or emit light, … Read more

Top economists call for budget measures to speed the switch to electric cars

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Australia’s top economists overwhelmingly back government measures to speed the transition to electric cars in order to meet emission reduction targets. An exclusive poll of 62 of Australia’s preeminent economists—selected by their peers—finds 51 back measures to boost the take-up of electric cars including subsidizing public charging stations, subsidizing the purchase … Read more

Texas power companies are adjusting residents’ smart thermostats to higher temps. Here’s why.

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Live in Texas and notice your thermostat temperature happened to go up by itself? Some owners of smart thermostats in the Lone Star State found their pre-set temperatures were going up, all done remotely by their power company, according to local reports. It wasn’t devious: The adjustments are being made as … Read more

How shipping ports are being reinvented for the green energy transition

La Havre, France, at sunset, with the port in the background. Credit: Shutterstock When it comes to launching the energy transition, maritime policy is one of the key battlegrounds. But many ports, aware of their ecological and economic vulnerability, have committed to sustainable development strategies. According to the latest research, sea levels will rise considerably … Read more

Upcoming national carbon pricing accelerates energy transition away from coal power

The carbon pricing effect on the coal plant unit number, coal power capacity, and the expected lifetime in China’s 29 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. Credit: CASISD The implementation of national carbon pricing means that coal plant managers may have to pay for carbon emissions from power generation, leading to higher generation costs, and they … Read more

Astronomers inspect the formation of millisecond pulsar PSR J1946+3417

An artist’s impression of a millisecond pulsar and its companion. Credit: European Space Agency & Francesco Ferraro (Bologna Astronomical Observatory). A team of Chinese astronomers has conducted a study aimed at inspecting formation scenarios for the millisecond pulsar PSR J1946+3417. They found that the pulsar was most likely formed as a result of a phase … Read more